The Mystery of Imagination

Have you ever imagined what infinity looks like, feels like. What do you picture in your mind when you think of infinity? Come on if i tell you to think of a black hen then quite sure enough i know you would have imagined it within a few seconds ,so what about infinity?.If i tell you to imagine the exact appearance of your backbone without the use of mirror will you? If i get to conclude that the only thing you cant see or imagine is that which exist inside you or within you. With that conclusion we can say that we are the whole universe or the infinity we are trying to imagine about and that is why we cant explore everything because we are the universe itself.

Somebody might ask, is this property of not able to comprehend infinity be an inability or just a realisation of how infinite we are ,and in the process attempting to comprehend itself like a man attempting to comprehend the appearance of his own backbone.

Can you imagine of something that you haven’t seen before ,if at all none has ever spoken of it before?

Can you imagine the exact appearance of your own backbone without going for MRI scan?

And finally ,is there any idea that exist that was brought from an idea that never existed before. I mean if imaginations comes from only observable features, the it means everything that exist today came from those that existed before.

But before we conclude in that direction, we need to ask ourselves, do we create realities or machines out of imaginations or we create it out of instinct. If the objective world is formed purely out of imaginations then am sorry we are only recreating that which had been recreated before perhaps with small modifications here and there so that it appears new.

Modifications can take various forms. You can combine two different subjects to form a new. An example is two circles with different colors. Other forms of modification may include expansion, contraction, stretching,changing color ,changing shapes and others.


Yet what propels the form that imagination will take is what we call as necessity. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity pushes us against the wall when existing things can no longer solve our problem.

Yet with such pressure offered by nature .Our instinct plays role, it usually triggers an impulse of desire which lights up imagination .

Usually, the imagination itself is crude to the extent it cannot be seen but can be felt. If the feeling is held and given proper attention, imagination come i to action. The mind assembles the already existing tools that its accustomed with.

The fact that we can only imagine from what we found existing in our objective world is quite a handicap on our side.

My experience with eliminating vegetables from my diet

Hello friend ,i decided to share this story that is based on my real life experience on my attempt to avoid vegetables completely .Of course this is insane but stay humble friend .Listen,for a very long time i had cut off eating vegetables because they tasted like yuck! A few of them also gave me gut problems like heartburn .So i primitively eliminated them completely vowing not to eat them until some unknown day in the future. Also having suffered ulcers for a long time, i was being advised by friends to eat cabbage as an alternative. Mmh! The truth is that i was like what!?..cabbage?.So with nothing to help solve my dislike for cabbage, i ruthlessly cut off vegetable from my diet. I would eat things like chicken ,sausage ,cow meat,tea,grains but nothing like cabbage. After six months of ignorance i soon awoke to a realisation that i had been suffering a continuous flu. The flue would start each moment i was exposed to cold,regardless of whether it was evening or morning. Allergy or just sickness, call it anything but the truth is that something was wrong with my immune system. One day the flu came full blown and i could not even remember my name because i would sneeze and almost forget everything as a result of the confusion impacted by the flu. With no medicine to swallow,i rushed to the kitchen vowing to eat any herbs i would find over there. I was never used to taking herbs but this term “herbs” was what we used to call the ugly vegetables we were eating in high school. Staring blankly over the kitchen shelves, my eyes stumbled upon a cabbage that my sister had bought accidentally while returning from job. I quickly plucked the outer leaves and munched them desperately hoping that it would bring some changes. I went back to relax myself. Now pay attention to the electric moment friend, After sitting for roughly ten minutes, i soon realised that my nose had dried up and that there was no fluid coming from it. After this mind blowing experience, a lot of questions wrung in my mind. I was like “you mean all this time I’ve been avoiding a natural drug?”. And so i decided to make it a routine to force myself to eat the damn cabbage at least twice a week. Of course i had heard several times that cabbage was good and i recall that we were once taught in primary school long ago that vegetables contain vitamin C and blah blah. My honest truth was that i hated cabbage most so the white one. However such an attitude ended up crushing my life. More worse of this experience come in the next section of this article.

Bad breath, Tonsillitis and Tonsil stones.

Just to continue explaining my experience on my attempt to eliminate vegetable from my diet, I would like to bring to your attention that during these days , i would accumulate tonsil stone more regularly. I thought that it was just a mild tonsillitis caused by few bacteria here and there. What i could not understand was the reason as why they were frequenting so much unlike the past where i never used to experience them at all. Now friend the most annoying thing about tonsil stones is that they get stuck at the small holes that might be present on your tonsils. Am using layman terms and of course i acknowledge the fact that these are meant to trap bacteria and pathogens. So these Tonsil stones (usually white) get stuck and becomes extremely annoying and perhaps stubborn. The second most annoying thing is that you might brush your teeth a million times but no fresh breath would come out. Only awful pungent smell. An innocent person would think that he or she lacks the proper knowledge of brushing the teeth, which isn’t the case. What annoys me most is the fact that most people still follow the half advice of brushing teeth after every meal, flossing, and regular dental care. I do agree these are equally important but alas! They won’t help you solve your problem if yours is still persistent. Not to forget the fact that tonsil stone can destroy your reputation even if your charismatic. Having mention that lets continue with my experience. I had suffered such issue of tonsil stone only the days i was consuming excess fats and perhaps no vegetables .In fact i advice you to reduce your intake of fats if you wish to keep fresh breath after brushing teeth. Also the building of those Whittier stones were accelerated by excess refined sugar intake. My best amongst those fatty foods that i had to reduce was blue band and peanut butter. I could not totally eliminate peanut butter because i i could not image eating dry loaves of bread .It took me quite long to realise that the bacteria trapped in the tonsils while drinking water or inhaling dusty air would make the trapped fats as there shelter. After which they would solidify and get stuck lest you remove them.

This whole issue of bad breath can be solved if we focus on the food we eat and not only on whether we are properly brushing our teeth. Success friend, secretly check yourself and build your reputation by keeping proper hygiene and wearing nice scent. Thanks for reading till the end . Am new in blogging and i believe all of us were once beginners,I’ll be glad if you comment or inbox me so that we can share meaningful advises.